Holden ve commodore sv6 specs

The SV6 brings several firsts for a local six-cylinder performance model. Its dual big bore single pipe exhaust outlets and its SS front styling have strong overtones of the final Monaro CV8-Z and the side slots in the front guards were previously an SS feature.

Compared to an Omega, you get a honeycomb sports grille, deep section sports front bumper with matching honeycomb inserts and fog lights, deep side skirts, exclusive SV6 low-profile rear bootlid spoiler in body colour and inch alloy wheels with dual section five spokes shared with the SS. There is a purposeful twin section rear diffuser-style sports facia with a centre black honeycomb section that houses the reflectors and highlights the polished bazooka ends of each exhaust outlet.

Inside, the SV6 dash is given a distinctive vertical feel with a prominent and raised centre section that extends over the top of the dash pad. This "waterfall" treatment as Holden describes it, separates the passenger and driver space into "pods" for a motorsport effect.

holden ve commodore sv6 specs

Sports instruments are cleverly integrated in the raised section above the centre vents and dash lighting is in red. A leather-bound steering wheel with reach and tilt adjustment completes the sports environment with its unique dark trim. Leather is optional. The single disc CD system with Blue Tooth mobile phone connectivity is upgraded from 6 to 7 speakers over the Omega.

Air-conditioning, ESP and side impact airbags are standard. It is significant that Holden's new Active Select, like Ford's, configures manual downshifts forward, upshifts back, which is becoming more common as consumers demand uniformity in this area. Sports suspension settings include lower ride height and firmer springs configured to the lighter V6 engine. These Ads will be marked 'Sponsored'. Learn More Disclaimer In most cases, www. Editorial prices shown are a "price guide" only, based on information provided to us by the manufacturer.

Pricing guide current at the time of writing editorial. If the price does not contain the notation that it is "Drive Away No More to Pay", the price may not include additional costs, such as stamp duty and other government charges. Opinions expressed with www. A buyer for your car is waiting right now. Welcome to Australia's No.

holden ve commodore sv6 specs

Recent Notifications. Holden Commodore Car News Sedan.This list can be sorted by year, model name, capacity, weight, power output and carbon dioxide emissions.

Clicking on any of the Holden model names will show a list of detailed technical specs for that Holden model. You can also add any of these Holden models to your stable - this will add that model to a list of cars - think of it as a bookmark to that car, saved for future reference. Just click on the favourite icon next to the model's name, which saves those cars for you, so that you can compare their specifications side-by-side from the stable link above. All car manufacturers Holden specifications.

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Holden Holden logo. Listed below are the specifications of all models of Holden. Use your stable to create lists of cars you can share with your friends! Holdens - model years Holdens - model ranges.

Engine capacity. Holden Belmont. Holden Belmont Estate. Holden Commodore SV Holden Premier Estate. Holden model families Concept.

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FJ Series 2. VE II. VF II. VY II. WM II.However, things really took off for the SV6 model when the VE was introduced in The SV6 offers a sporty interior, an SS-like exterior, and the performance of a 3. Different horses for different courses, right? If you chose option B, then this review is going to appeal to you.

Engine: 3. What this presents is an opportunity for buyers to grab a VE at a bargain price. Greeting you upon entry are a set of nicely bolstered sports seats. Both are nice to touch and sit in, and feel hard wearing.

The dash in the VE, while not overly technical-looking, is quite easy on the eye; everything is laid out well and easy to find. Both SV6s feature steering wheels that are equipped with buttons that control phone, trip computer, and audio. Neatly, but oddly, the handbrake finds itself nestled into the contours of the centre console. It is equipped with driver and passenger airbags, side impact airbags, and curtain airbags.

It also comes with stability control, switchable traction control, and anti-lock brakes. Externally, the VE is still a handsome car some seven years after its debut, albeit with a few nips and tucks for the Series II models as tested. The SV6 bodykit and sporty wheels separate it from the other Commodore models. As you can see by the figures, the LPG model delivers power and torque a little earlier in the rev range, giving it a slightly different on-road feel.

It sounds exactly the same.

Holden's performer: VE Commodore SV6

As you proceed out of traffic and onto the open road, you get an idea that things are a little different. The beauty of the LPG model is that peak power and torque come on early, so it feels just as eager down low as the SIDI model which is very rev happy. Not a huge difference, but out on the open road the SIDI is the more rewarding drive; in those moments where you drive through a series of bends pretending to be Garth Tander, the kW 3.

However, there are some advantages to owning a big sedan, with the running costs of a small hatch. The SIDI petrol engine sipped an average of The LPG model used Own one of these cars for four or five years, and the value of running LPG begins to outweigh the desire for more power.

It really does make for efficient large-sedan motoring. One difference we did notice between the two test models was that the ride was better in the LPG model, which could be down to its smaller inch wheels having a higher profile side wall. One is aimed at saving you money, and the other is aimed at producing the best go-forward ability it can whilst still trying to be efficient of course.

Josh is one of the original co-founders of Performance Drive. His expertise is car culture and aftermarket performance. Josh Bennis May 30, Car ReviewsHoldenHolden reviewsSedans. Josh Bennis. Dynamic Display Ad Long Version. Power-to-weight: 8.

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holden ve commodore sv6 specs

Related Articles. Holden Commodore being axed inwith Astra December 11, Buick Regal facelift surfaces, previews Holden Commodore October 21, Hi, can you confirm the offset for the VP SS, I was under the impression it is 36P, this unusual offset is only on the VP SS and Calais as far as I'm aware, Holden realized the error, and only did this offset on these two models, can you please confirm, cheers. Yeah they do as long as they aren't 14's haha I've got 14" wheels that came off a vc on my vs ute rear won't go on the front they hit the calliper shut up to vy vz pretty much all wheels fit the same.

Do Ve wheel hubs fit a vy ss?

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Was just thinking if going 2 fit Ve wheels 2 my vy would it be easier 2 change the hub and discs then machining the rim? If any1 can answer that 4 me would b much appreciated thx. VF SS variants run staggered wheel tire set up on both 19 and 20 inch. So 20x8. And equivalent in 19". Hi there, anyone know how I can get 16" vs caprice wheels on the front of my vz 6. They go on but they are touching the brakes by just a few mms. Will spacers make it fit with out hitting the brakes or what do I do to get them to work?

Assistance please. Own a wonderful VTII 3. Has Bridgestone Turnaza ER30 16" tyres for 50k! Please reply, need help, can't decide!! And make sure new tires are compatible with your current one. Holden Commodore 6. Hi, I'm not sure if the wheel offset you have is correct for the wheels on the above mentioned vehicle. My car is the SSV not Redline. The rim size you state is 8. Stamped on the inside of my rim is 19x8. I have also measured it myself and work it out to be Can you please confirm where the ET40 came from?

Thanks, great website by the way.The Holden Commodore VE is an executive car that was produced by the Australian manufacturer Holden from to It was the first iteration of the fourth generation of this Australian-made model. As opposed to the VZ and all models previous which used Opel -sourced platforms adapted both mechanically and in size for the local market, the whole-new VE programme is the first Commodore to be developed exclusively by Holden in Australia.

Despite its status as an all-new model, engines—comprising the 3. Innovative features to help minimise export redevelopment costs, such as a symmetrical centre console housing a flush-fitting hand brake lever, facilitate the conversion to left-hand drive. Holden implemented a staged roll-out of the VE variants, releasing the sedan first in July Prior to this, Holden stated they would manufacture two parallel generations of Commodores until the new station wagon and utility body styles were launched.

The VE Ute did not enter production until when it was accompanied by the previewing of a Sportwagon concept. The Sportwagon itself was subsequently introduced in July with the standard Commodore wheelbase instead of the extended wheelbase of previous Commodore wagons.

Updates to the VE have come in the form of model year MY changes from early onwards. Typically subtle in nature, these recurring changes have involved alterations to colours and trim, increased standard equipment, and a reduction in fuel consumption. More noteworthy adjustments have come in the form of a smaller 3. Official manufacture of the sedan began at Holden's Elizabeth, South Australia production facility on 13 July Holden's designers and engineers began laying down the basics of a clean-sheet Commodore sedan in In Peter Hughes, Holden's manager of exterior design, produced a two-dimensional image of a sketch drawn earlier by Michael Simcoe, Holden's design director at the time.

Known in house as the "Bill of Design", the sketch formed the design basis for the production-ready car. Various elements of the sketch were changed, including the rear tail lampsthe low-profile side window cluster and the drawn out wheelbasebut the aggressive stance remained. Much of the Torana's styling drew on the essence of the VE's design. Some production-ready components even carried over from the TT36 including the steering wheelthe window and rear-view mirror switch cluster and the handbrake lever.

Shortly after stylists penned the first design sketches, Holden engineers began work on developing the chassis. Opelwhich had provided the basis for all previous Commodore generations, ceased production of their rear-wheel drive Omega in Holden's engineers were offered this platform, but decided it was not appropriate.

The luggage compartment was deemed too small and the Sigma interior package could not be stretched sufficiently to become a family-sized car. In particular, the rear-seat shoulder width was too tight. These replace the previous simple MacPherson strut design front and much criticised semi-trailing arm rear suspension, for improved ride and handling.

Denny Mooney was appointed chairman of Holden on 1 January[15] by which time development of the VE Commodore was well underway. Key design and engineering work was being finalised, and investment was already being made in making the tooling with which to manufacture the car. The interior quality benefited dramatically from this additional emphasis; Mooney pushed for panel gaps to be reduced by a further 0. Smaller panel gaps are just one of the ways that Holden have developed the VE to pitch it against the European competitors.

The development of the new car led Holden to redesign the Elizabeth plant in South Australia so that entire sections of the car can be assembled off the foremost production line. This new production method allows for complete sub-sections like the engine and transmissions to be constructed seamlessly together on rigs that simplify production.

Holden Commodore (VE)

It can be easily removed as one-piece leading to lower repair costs and easier access to the engine bay. Additional detail touches were added to the VE, such as a new four-strut hinge system for the boot to replace space intrusive, much maligned "gooseneck" hinges as used on previous Commodores.

To ensure the cargo opening is sufficiently large with such a profile, the tailgate hinges part way up the roof line. Revisions were made to the suspension over the sedan's setup.

holden ve commodore sv6 specs

These included stiffer springs, anti-roll bar changes and an additional ball-joint in the rear suspension to handle the extra load. It was unveiled to the media in August, with showroom sales began later in the month. This generation of the Holden Ute is aimed as a "lifestyle vehicle", a shift from the traditional "workhorse" market.Mark Brosnan, whose firm is one of the leading online betting exchanges, particularly in the Asian market in football, said both combined big swings in odds with a highly-suspicious performance from at least one of the players on the pitch.

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